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The Iron Gallery Showroom

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The Iron Gallery’s showroom and workshop are located in historic downtown Bishopville. The venue is a 1910’s restored hardware store where full-size gates, balconies, fences, and a stunning gazebo are available for the customer to fully experience what they can expect in their ornamental ironwork.  These exceptional pieces along with artistic interpretations of flora and beautiful accessories for the home and garden provide the customer with many choices. The showroom’s ambience created with restored heart pine floors, brick walls, and a scenic landscape mural make any visit a memorable shopping experience.

One of the benefits of The Iron Gallery experience is English’s desire and passion for putting a little more time and thought into creating quality, interesting, and appealing designs based on the client’s ideas and preferences. The vision for creating interesting aspects of the design elements is realized through incorporating properly scaled and proportioned projects that fit both in design and its intended use and location.

Drawing on over 40 years of mechanical, metal work, and more specifically 17 years of self-directed ornamental iron work experience, his use of heavier material and pleasing designs have steadily increased a broad customer base throughout South Carolina. However, each customer is extended the personal service that is often hard to find today.

The use of a combination of modern, older, and custom-made tools and equipment, combined with patience and persistence to heat, shape, form, alter, and redesign forgings, castings, and original hand-made pieces is a daily occurrence. Working with cast iron, mild steel, aluminum, copper, and bronze material are used when needed as well as some unorthodox and “whatever it takes” technique to produce obvious quality and interesting completed work. There are few challenges English will not undertake.

We enjoy “talking shop” and brainstorming concepts and designs with customers or just interested ironworkers and invite you to visit our showroom for a creative session.

The Iron Gallery showroom has even been used for reunions, luncheons, business meetings, and bridal photography and is available for special occasions.  If you are looking for a moderately-sized location for a special event, you may want to consider The Iron Gallery.